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Welcome to my blog


I’m glad that you would join in! 

This will be my quick introduction to the fundamental idea of this blog.


There are incredibly many different articles and blogs about becoming a better photographer available online. But despite that wide range of informative websites I couldn’t find a single good one to guide me, and provide me with some useful basic advices from unpacking the camera, to the point I am at today.

So I have started this blog to share the experience and the knowledge that I have gained through the endless hours spend with my camera. 


I will take you step by step through the jungle of photography. And through a series of continuous and progressive articles, providing you the tools, and the “right” way of thinking, to create images to be proud of! 


Hopefully you can learn just a tiny bit from all the mistakes I have made, and become a better photographer yourself.   


Whether you use the latest and most fancy DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera or just an ordinary compact camera there will hopefully be some useful advices and facts anyway. As photography mostly is about developing your creative approach!

This following quote boils it all down to the very basic of getting that WOW! –effect.

“Stop taking pictures, start creating images”

When you start asking yourself some very important questions you will start improving the quality of your captures both on holiday and on dedicated “photoshoots”.

Before moving on I have to state this: I am in no way a professional photographer just as well as I do not know any of the bottom line answers! All I rely on is my own meandering experience. Based on that I will give a few simple advices. Furthermore I write in a foreign language so please have me excused for my misspellings! :-)

As time is a scarce resource I will strive to post a minimum of one article per month. Sometimes it will be less and sometimes more.

I hope you will enjoy and get a few useful tips along the way. And perhaps also getting one step closer to loving those priceless moments – get that special feeling when it all clicks!

For any questions please feel free to contact me

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